Management & Reporting
Security teams globally are challenged by resource constraints, both in terms of the number of staff and raw security talent. Moreover, security teams are asked to do more, often in more complex networks and with growing numbers of alerts from multiple systems. Successful security teams allay these challenges by implementing three best practices. First, they simplify the way view management, combining operation NOC-style views with security-based SOC context. Second, they regularly measure and score their security effectiveness, enabling them anytime to answer how secure they are. Third, they demand deep integration so they can automate repetitive actions, especially across silos when possible.
Product Details
Fortinet has purpose-built NOC-SOC into central security management products. This NOC-SOC approach simplifies security management and reporting both during initial deployment as well as with ongoing adjustments to keep Fortinet’s Security Fabric tuned to the optimal security posture. Three products – FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager and FortiCloud – are part of NOC-SOC-based central security management and reporting.