Secured Load Balancer
With bandwidth demand growing faster than budgets and cyber-attacks constantly on the rise, it can be challenging to securely and efficiently deliver applications at the speed your users expect. Fortinet Application Delivery Controller (ADC) appliances optimize the availability, user experience, and scalability of enterprise application delivery. They enable fast, secure, and intelligent acceleration and distribution of even the most demanding enterprise applications

Features and Benefits
Layer 7 Load Balancing
Policy-based routing dynamically rewrites content for applications and server configurations.
Security Fabric Integration
AV and Sandbox integration scans attachments to protect from the latest threats.
Secure Traffic Management
SSL offloading, forward proxy and visibility increase responsiveness and assist in scanning for threats.
Global Server Load Balancing
Distributes traffic across multiple geographical locations for disaster recovery.
Application Optimization
Speed web application delivery with compression, caching, HTTP 2.0, and HTTP Page Speed-UP.
Security Features
Web Application Firewall, Web Filtering, and IP Reputation for enhanced security.